International Marketing

Out-of-Country Property Purchase

We know trying to find property in a different country can be hard, that’s why at Austin Portfolio, we work harder to find you your dream home in this country and aboard. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence, a vacation home, or a rental property we are equip with a group of realtors who are knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Our realtors can ensure a smooth transaction in your absence, and give you piece of mind that although you may be far away, your goals, desires and dreams are being carried out.

International Home Buyers

Our first piece of advice, if possible, is to take a trip to see the properties and neighborhood your future property is in! If you are lucky enough to get to see your potential neighborhood in person, our next piece of advice, is to enlist the help of a competent professional that is familiar with the area. You can find a list of such professionals on our Agents page, all of whom share global and Austin-specific real estate knowledge.

Once you’ve found your Realtor match, it is time to familiarize yourself with local Real Estate Laws (If we could find a reliable website that outlines Austin Real Estate Laws, I think it would be nice to make this a hyperlink). It’s great to have a good, working knowledge of such laws but if you don’t, not to worry. We advise enlisting the aid of legal counsel that is experienced in these matters. With the help of your Austin Portfolio Real Estate Agent and your knowledge or legal counsel’s knowledge of local laws, you’ve made an unstoppable team.

No matter what your goals are when purchasing a property aboard, Austin Portfolio is dedicated to working hard to find exactly what you want.