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Julie Gualandri


Like many adopted Texans say … I wasn’t born here, but I got here as soon as I could. The journey I took prior to coming to Austin just helps me appreciate this wonderful city all the more.

I spent my childhood and young adulthood relocating about every 8-12 years. I’m a proud and friendly Midwesterner by birth – both my parents worked for the University of Missouri at Columbia. An opportunity for my father took us to Seattle in 1980, just months after Mount St. Helens erupted. I attended high school in Everett, WA and then went to Washington State University, where I earned a degree in print journalism and a degree in business. After 6 years working in newspapers as a reporter I realized I was in the wrong lane – I had become a business journalist and after years of interviewing and writing about top-notch business people in the Boise area, I decided I wanted to become one myself!

So I took a job at Micron Technology, first as a writer, and then transitioned to sales. I was in heaven. Micron subsidized my MBA through Boise State University, and in 2000 I was promoted and sent to San Jose, CA. There I met my husband Steve, a

dashing engineer, and we married in 2004. Our son Ryan came along at the end of 2006, and of course, our priorities and way we thought about our life and family started to change.

By 2008 we had decided it was time to seek opportunity outside the Silicon Valley. My husband landed a great job at freescale and we were on the way to Austin. As it happened, the Great Recession was just gathering steam, and it had hit California first. We had hired a Realtor and the market was dropping like a rock. There were entire neighborhoods being auctioned, and we had to price our house just right so we could find our buyer and be on our way to Austin.

I was not a Realtor at that time, but I was schooled in cyclical markets and pricing from my job at Micron selling semiconductors. At my urging, we lowered our price just right and found our buyer. We moved into our new home in Austin in July 2008 and a seed was planted. While I was home with Ryan I got my real estate license and began my practice in 2010. The work suits me perfectly – it’s challenging and ever-changing; and I get an opportunity every day to make a direct, positive impact on someone’s life.

My husband and I currently reside in Southwest Austin with Ryan, who is 10, and our 2 King Charles Spaniels, Ruby and Willow.

If you are from out of Austin thinking about a move, or already here and looking for a change or to make an investment, I am here for you. I can’t wait to meet you!

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