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Austin Portfolio Agent Spotlight Series: Meet Julie Gualandri

In our latest Agent Spotlight, we’re thrilled to sit down with Julie, an insightful, data-driven agent at Austin Portfolio Real Estate. Kylee delves into Julie's unique backstory, personal interests, and her deep engagement with the Austin real estate scene. Read more about Julie and check out our video interview on Instagram.

Kylee: Julie, your transition from political reporting to real estate is fascinating. Can you tell us more about that journey?

Julie: Oh, where to begin, Kylee! I started as a political reporter, believe it or not. I was thrown into the deep end, covering politics in Idaho and even doing the whole TV 'meet the press' gig. It was intense, staring down those giant cameras. Let’s just say, I much prefer the calm behind my computer screen. Real estate allowed me to blend my knack for data with my love for helping people, minus the stage fright!

Kylee: Austin is known for its vibrant culture. What’s your must-attend event?

Julie: The Trail of Lights, hands down. It’s such an Austin thing, you know? Coming from the Midwest, I really missed the snow around Christmas, but Austin lights up in a way that’s just magical. Spinning under the Zilker Tree, grabbing some hot cocoa while possibly wearing flip-flops – it’s the best of both worlds.

Kylee: Beyond real estate, do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

Julie: Well, I’m a self-confessed data nerd. It’s not so much a hidden talent as it is a quirky passion of mine. I love diving into numbers, trends, you name it.

Kylee: What’s your go-to in the car – podcasts or music?

Julie: Oh, podcasts for sure. I’m a bit of a nerd, remember? I get hooked on political ones, but I’m also big on personal growth and inspiration. The Run Up, The One Thing, Empire Building – those are my jams. They turn car time into ‘me time.’

Kylee: How do you like to spend a weekend?

Julie: Lazy mornings are my sanctuary. I cherish my coffee time, catch up on some Sunday morning shows, and then it’s all about a leisurely walk with my dog and family time. Simple pleasures, really.

Kylee: Any dream destinations?

Julie: I’m torn between a tropical getaway and a European adventure. The Mediterranean is calling my name – Italy, France, and hey, if George Clooney is still hanging around Lake Como, even better!

Kylee: Can’t leave home without...?

Julie: My phone, wallet, and keys. I’m a real estate agent on the move; gotta stay prepared.

Kylee: Any local eatery you’re currently obsessed with?

Julie: Bluefin on Brodie. Their ramen is to die for, especially with all this rain. It’s comfort food heaven.

Kylee: What’s your signature dish at home?

Julie: I’m all about those balanced bowls – a mix of lean protein, veggies, and grains. It’s healthy, delicious, and gives me the energy I need.

Kylee: Morning routine – what’s yours like?

Julie: Waking up early is key. I like to have my quiet coffee time, maybe sneak in a workout. It’s about setting the right tone for a busy day ahead.

Kylee: What do you love most about the Austin real estate market?

Julie: The diversity, without a doubt. Austin has a little bit of everything for everyone. It’s my job to find that perfect spot for my clients, and I love the challenge.

Kylee: What’s the best part of working with clients?

Julie: It’s this incredible mix of data analysis and personal connection. I’m a bit of a real estate nerd, so I get to geek out on market trends while helping people find their dream homes. It’s deeply rewarding.

To learn more about Julie Gualandri, Broker Associate, click here.

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