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Austin Portfolio Agent Spotlight Series: Meet Rea Netherton

In this Agent Spotlight, we're thrilled to introduce Rea Netherton, a dynamic force in Austin's real estate scene. Known for her deep commitment to her clients and her knack for making the impossible possible, Rea brings a blend of expertise, passion, and local insight to every transaction.

Let's dive into what makes Rea stand out in the bustling world of Austin real estate.

Kylee: Rea, how do you stay ahead of the constantly changing market trends?

Rea: It’s all about connection! I’m plugged into a fabulous network of friends across various brokerages. We share insights, laugh a lot, and keep each other in the loop on everything Austin.

Kylee: Working with clients must present unique challenges and rewards. What aspect do you enjoy the most?

Rea: The most fulfilling part is getting to know my clients personally and building relationships that go beyond the transaction. It's about creating a connection and understanding their needs deeply.

Kylee: With Austin’s heart being its community, how do you give back?

Rea: Volunteering is a big part of my life. I’m actively involved with Casis and Good Shepherd, among other local initiatives.

Kylee: What uniquely Austin event or tradition do you look forward to most every year?

Rea: Hands down, the Casis Carnival! It’s the epitome of Austin’s fun-loving, tight-knit community vibe. Plus, who can resist a bit of carnival magic?

Kylee: What is one place on your travel bucket list that you have not yet visited?

Rea: Italy, without a doubt! I mean, who can resist the charm of those cobblestone streets and the divine Italian cuisine? I love everything about it!

Kylee: On those long drives, what’s setting the mood in your car – podcasts or music?

Rea: It’s gotta be music! Morgan Wallen is my go-to right now.

Kylee: Finally, Rea, what’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?

Rea: At the ranch. There's something about being close to nature and taking a break from city life that rejuvenates me.

Rea Netherton embodies the spirit of Austin real estate through her dedication, community involvement, and love for the city's unique culture. Whether you're buying, selling, or just exploring what Austin has to offer, Rea's insights and expertise are invaluable resources for anyone navigating the local real estate landscape.

To learn more about Rea Netherton, REALTOR®, click here.

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